All students enrolled in middle or high school are eligible to participate in any sports activity offered by our athletic program.   Each student participating in the athletic program will be required to meet certain minimum standards in the area of academics and related areas.  The student athlete will be required to maintain, at all times, a proper Christian testimony.

The student must follow these guidelines to become eligible to participate in practices or games.  These guidelines apply to athletes as well as student managers and statisticians:

I.  Documentation  

Students must have these forms on file with the athletic office before clearance is given to participate or practice.

1. SWCA Athletic Enrollment Forms are required for Middle and High School. Valid for one year only:

A. Athletic Registration
B. Statement of Caution
C. Emergency Permission Statement       
D. Financial Responsibility Form 

2. TAPPS Physical Evaluation Packet is valid for one year only and includes forms for the physical exam, medical history, and protocols for concussion, cardiac arrest, and steroid use.  We use the TAPPS forms for both Middle and High school, even though only the High school participates in TAPPS events.

3. TAPPS Acknowledgement of Rules Form is required for High School only. Valid for one year only.

4. TAPPS Transfer Form is required for High School transfer students only.

5. TAPPS Heat Stress Index is an informational file. No signature required.

6. TAPPS Dehydration Info is an informational file. No signature required.

II.  Grades                

Student athletes, including cheerleaders, must maintain a seventy (70) average in each and every subject and satisfactory grades (S- or above) in conduct.  A report card or progress report with any failing grades will automatically cause the athlete to be suspended.  Suspended students are ineligible for any further interscholastic competition until reinstated. A report card or progress report with all passing grades will allow reinstatement of any student previously suspended.  Additionally, beginning the week following progress reports and continuing until report cards are issued, an athlete can be reinstated with all passing grades on their Friday report.  Students placed on suspension are required to continue practicing with the team but will not be allowed to travel to games with the team or sit on the bench with the team.

 Weekly, academic grades for all athletes are reviewed in the SWCA Saints Thursday Report.  Sports programs are subservient to our academic programs, and our ultimate goal will be to use sports programs to enhance and encourage higher academic performance in our students.

III.  Attendance                   

A student must be in attendance each day at all enrolled classes in order to participate in a practice or a game on the same given day.  Individuals with extenuating circumstances may be excused by the Athletic Director or Principal.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify his/her coach if or when an attendance situation arises.

IV.  Financial           

A student must be in good financial standing with the school and their sport of participation.  This means that school owned equipment checked out by a student in any sport and any athletic fees are their responsibility.  The loss or misuse of equipment or failure to pay athletic fees may result in a student’s removal from a sport.  Participants will not be allowed to continue competition, start a new sport, or receive awards until such obligations are fulfilled.  Replacement charges for equipment will be based upon current replacement costs.