The overviews of our athletic program serve as general guidelines to help you better understand our program. We have discussed how your child can participate in any sport, as well as eligibility standards and rules of conduct. We offer downloadable files with forms and detailed general information.

Questions? Hopefully, the information on the preceding pages has explained our athletic program. However, should you have any questions, we invite you to call the school office at 281-561-7400 and speak with the athletic director.

SWCA Athletic Enrollment Forms (MS,HS) PDF (Signature Required)

TAPPS Physical Evaluation Packet (MS,HS) PDF (Signature Required)

TAPPS Acknowledgment of Rules Form (HS only) PDF (Signature Required)

TAPPS Transfer Form (HS only) PDF for transfer students only

TAPPS Heat Stress Index (MS,HS Informational Only) PDF (No signature required)

TAPPS Dehydration Info (MS,HS Informational Only) PDF (No signature required)